Area Rug Cleaning in Birmingham, AL

Area Rug Cleaning in Birmingham, AL

Are you wondering about area rug cleaning in Birmingham, AL? So are a lot of other people in Birmingham, AL. The average home has at least one rug on their floors. As newer homes are leaning more towards hardwood flooring, area rugs are becoming more popular. Since carpet fibers trap particles that cause allergies and keep them out of the air, it is recommended that homes or businesses with hard flooring throughout place area rugs on their floors in strategic places. So this raises the question, “How should I clean my area rug? “ The answer is easy, call a professional carpet or rug cleaner. However, here are two things you can do at home to maintain the dirt and particles that get embedded into your area rug.

  1. Keep your area rug vacuumed. The top of your rug should simply be vacuumed regularly with the exception of the tassels. You can potentially damage your tassels if they get caught in the brushes of the vacuum cleaner. However, from time to time, you should turn over your rug and brush the back of it. By agitating the back up the rug with brushes, it pushes the dirt that have been embedded deep into the fibers up to the top of the rug. Once this happens, the dirt is easily removed by a regular vacuum cleaning.


  1. Address stains and spots as soon as they happen. As soon as you spill that glass of wine, get a white 100% cloth rag and start to address the stain by removing the liquid. There are many stain removing products that can be used, but the most important thing is that you don’t wait. Always dry the stain as much as possible before applying a stain removing product. Also, the liquid should always be blotted from the outside in when drying.


Many professional carpet cleaners offer area rug cleaning services. If you are looking for area rug cleaning in Birmingham, AL then you are not alone. Just don’t forget to keep your area rug maintained.

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