Axminster Carpet Cleaner – Birmingham, AL

Axminster Carpet Cleaner – Birmingham, AL

Do you have Axminster carpet and live in Birmingham, AL or surrounding areas? If you do, then you should know that Axminster carpet requires special care in order to prolong its' life. Since it is typically either 100% wool or 80% wool, there are special techniques or precautions that have to be taken to maintain this carpet. There are 3 tips below on how to keep your Axminster carpet clean. If you are looking for an Axminster carpet cleaner in Birmingham, AL then pay attention to tip  #3.


  1. Have a vacuum schedule.
    1. Different areas of your carpet require different levels of vacuuming. Depending on the amount of traffic will depend on how many times per week that areas should be vacuumed. For examples, high traffic areas such as hallways or directly in front of the couch or bed should be vacuumed daily. Medium traffic areas such as the bedroom should be vacuumed 2-3 times a week. Rooms with low traffic such as a guest rooms should be vacuum once a week.


  1. Clean up spills immediately.
    1. Axminster carpet generally keeps soils toward the top of the carpet which makes it easier to keep clean if vacuumed regularly. However, if a spill occurs, it should be addressed immediately. Always blot a liquid stain, never rub. Once the liquid has been absorbed as much as possible, apply your chosen approved stain remover and work from the outside in. Also, never leave your Axminster carpet wet for more than 6-8 hours. If a solid stain occurs, remove it using a spoon.


  1.  Get a deep cleaning using the hot water extraction method.
    1. This is perhaps one the most important things to do to keep your carpet looking clean and fresh. More importantly, most warranties require that the carpet be deep cleaned using the hot water extraction method every 12-18 months. Never use a rotary shampoo brush or spin bonnet pad on Axminster carpet, it will ruin/damage the carpet! The hot water extraction method, also known as steam cleaning, removes soils from the very root of the carpet fibers and can restore your carpet back to its original appearance.

So in order to make your carpet last a very long time, follow the 3 tips above. If you are looking to follow tip 3 and need a professional Axminster carpet cleaner in Birmingham, AL call W&S Professional Carpet Cleaning @ 205-477-8257.