Bathroom Carpet – Birmingham, AL

Bathroom Carpet – Birmingham, AL

Many houses made in the 60’s and 70’s have wall to wall carpet in its bathrooms. Even today it is not uncommon to see bathroom rugs that serve the same purpose. The one thing that is essential with bathroom carpeting is that it must be professionally cleaned frequently. So why put carpet in a bathroom? The most obvious answer is comfort. However, there are a few other advantages to having bathroom carpet. Below lists out some advantages and disadvantages to having bathroom carpet in Birmingham, AL.


Comfort - No one likes to step out of a shower and slip on the bathroom tile. It is also not pleasant to step out onto a cold floor after getting out of a hot shower. So one can understand why walking around on warm, soft carpet can influence a person’s decision to place carpet in their bathroom.

Safety – As mentioned earlier, a lot of injuries occur in the bathroom by slipping on the wet floor. This is especially true of children and the elderly. Carpet gives a slip resistant surface which increase bathroom safety.


Mold – Having wall to wall carpet in a wet area such as a bathroom can easily form mold. There are some preventive measures that can be taken to prevent this but it is not easy to ensure every inch of the carpet is dry every day. There are also different ways the carpet can be severely soaked. For example, the toilet could over flow as well as the sink or tub. If this happens, it is smart to call a professional to come and extract the water immediately.

Unsanitary Conditions – Aside from mold and mildew, bathroom carpet can cause a variety of other issues. For example, toilets often get stopped up and overflow. If there is human waste in the toilet when it overflows onto the carpet, it will not only create stains and bad odors, it will create a highly unsanitary area. Also, when people are sick and are forced to vomit, it typically happens in the toilet. However, as we all know, vomit does not always make it inside the toilet. This is especially true of children.

So if you have bathroom carpet in Birmingham, AL make sure you have a good carpet cleaner to call!