Berber Carpet – Carpet Cleaning in Birmingham, AL

Berber Carpet – Carpet Cleaning in Birmingham, AL

Do you have Berber carpet in your home or place of business? Berber carpet is notorious for being difficult to clean. However, it is also notorious for being durable, affordable, and beautiful. If you are having trouble keeping your Berber carpet clean, follow the tips described in this article. There are many preventive actions that can save you time and money when trying to keep your Berber carpet in Birmingham, AL clean.


                It is very important to vacuum your Berber carpet frequently according to the level of traffic it receives. Areas such as hallways or corridors should be vacuumed every day with a suction vacuum only. Since Berber carpet has looped carpet fibers, the beater bar that is on some vacuums can catch a loose strand and potentially destroy part of your carpet. Areas that experience less traffic can be vacuumed 3-4 times a week. To cut down on the amount of dirt and grime that gets tracked on your Berber carpet, put a walk off mat at each entrance. This will cut down the soils that find their way into the carpet fibers.

Prevent Food and Liquid Spills

                Liquid and food stains are hard to remove on Berber carpet. So what is the best defense again these stains? Keep food out of the room with Berber carpet! However, if you do seem to find yourself in situation where you have a spill on your carpet, treat it immediately. The quicker you address the spill, the easier it is to remove. I little dishwater detergent and warm water is usually safe but always try it first in an inconspicuous area. Also, always blot any stain from the outside in.


Carpet Cleaning via Hot Water Extraction

                It is important to always refresh your Berber carpet with a deep cleaning at least every 6 months. This deep cleaning should be done by a professional with a powerful truck mount unit. Since Berber carpet is notorious for holding water, the truck mount unit is essential because of the powerful vacuum system it has.

So if you have Berber carpet in Birmingham, AL, take heed of these tips and contact the Best carpet cleaner in Birmingham, AL!