Berber Carpet Cleaning – Birmingham, AL

Berber Carpet Cleaning – Birmingham, AL

Berber carpet is notorious for being tough to clean. It is also known for being resistant to common stains. However, when Berber carpet does get dirty, it is recommended to call a professional. If you’re looking for a professional carpet cleaner in Birmingham, AL to clean your Berber carpet then you are reading the right article. W&S Professional Carpet Cleaning takes special care and precautions when cleaning Berber carpet. Berber carpet cleaning is not easy, but having been in business since 1991, we have cleaned numerous types of carpet and Berber is no exception. So how exactly do we tackle this ever more popular carpet?

  1. We check to see what type of fiber your carpet is made out of. Different fibers require different cleaning methods. For example, wool fibers hold more water than nylon or polyester fibers so more precaution is made to ensure the carpet is dried properly.


  1. We educate our customers. Most customers do not realize the dynamics of Berber carpet. Berber carpet is tightly woven so that it naturally holds more water than other types of carpet. Also, some areas, such as traffic areas, may be crushed and appear dirty. If the carpet fibers become crushed, it may always look dirty but not actually be dirty. There is relatively nothing a carpet cleaner can do to restore the appearance of the crushed fibers.


  1. We use special stain removers. We are always careful to only use stain removers that is safe to use on Berber carpet. We are always up front with our customers if there is a stain that we believe will be difficult if not impossible to remove. However, we always do the very best we can to remove any stain and our customers than attest to that.


  1. We take extra drying precautions. Because Berber carpet fibers holds water we always use extra dry strokes to ensure quick and adequate drying times. Another precaution we take concerning the drying time is turning down the water pressure. With our sophisticated and powerful truck mount unit, we can adjust our water pressure and temperature depending on the type of carpet and level of soils. By turning down the water pressure but leaving the vacuum pressure high, we ensure that the carpet is as dry as possible to avoid any possibility of mildew. We will also leave air movers if necessary to accelerate the drying time, although this is typically only necessary is basements.

So if you are looking for Berber carpet cleaning in Birmingham, AL do not hesitate to call for a Free Estimate!