Best Carpet Cleaning Method – Hoover, AL

Best Carpet Cleaning Method – Hoover, AL

As spring cleaning approaches, many people are planning to clean their carpet. However, one important question that must be asked is what is the best carpet cleaning method? There are many methods to cleaning carpet and it is important to know which one is best for your carpet. Below is listed 3 common ways to clean carpet. So if you are looking for the best carpet cleaning method in Birmingham, AL… keep reading.  

  1. Home carpet cleaning machines.

Many people figure that it is easier and cheaper to buy their own carpet cleaning machine. These machines are similar in style to a vacuum cleaner. These machines are good to use for stains and light soils. If used very frequently, it can be a very good way to maintain the carpet in a home. It can also prove to be a good investment in hard times. However, if not used but a couple times a year, this machine may not prove powerful enough to revitalize heavily soiled areas.


  1. Spin Buffer with carpet brush.

This method is one of the cheaper methods to go with. It is also one of the worst methods. By spraying a solution on the carpet and using this machine, also known as a spin bunny, the very top of the carpet fibers may look clean but underneath it is still very soiled. This can be a quick fix but doesn’t solve the underlying problem of dirty carpet. It only pushes the dirt deeper into the carpet. It can also ruin certain types of carpet, such as wool, so it is important to always check with you manufacturer before using this method.


  1. Hot water extraction method or “steam cleaning”.

This method is by far the best carpet cleaning method. Not surprisingly it can also be the most expensive. This deep cleaning is preferred by most all carpet manufacturers from Berber to Beaulieu. It uses hot water pressure to lift us the soils from the root if the carpet fibers. It is similar to pressure washing except it also uses a powerful vacuum to extract the dirty water. A pre spray should first be sprayed down to loosen up the dirt, then the hot water pressure can easily separate it from the fibers so that it can be removed by the vacuum.


So if you’re looking for the best carpet cleaning method in Birmingham, AL, choose wisely!