Best Commercial Carpet Cleaning Plan in Birmingham, AL

Best Commercial Carpet Cleaning Plan in Birmingham, AL

All Commercial buildings need some type of flooring maintenance plan. Whether its Vinyl Composite Tile or Carpet, it has to be maintained and a plan has to be in place. Today, most commercial buildings have some amount of carpet flooring. However, some commercial spaces typically utilize carpet flooring in more areas than others. For example, churches, restaurants, commercial office buildings and libraries typically have a good amount of carpet flooring. It is important for these facilities to have a commercial carpet cleaning plan in place in order to prolong the life of their carpet. So how is a plan generated for one of these types of facilities in Birmingham, AL? Let’s look at a few components of a good carpet cleaning plan.


Preventive Maintenance

The first step in creating a plan with a commercial facility is to talk about preventive maintenance. It is important to walk a property and check each entrance to the building to make sure proper steps are taken to minimize the amount of dirt that is tracked into the building from the outside. Something as simple as adding walk off mats before each entrance can make a big difference. It is also important to emphasize the need to vacuum the carpet and walk off mats frequently.

Cleaning Schedule

                An efficient and affordable commercial carpet cleaning plan is a necessity in a carpet flooring maintenance plan. By drawing a map of the space and discerning the high traffic areas from the low traffic areas, it is easy to show the facility managers how efficiency can be obtained. For example, the high traffic areas such as corridors or aisle ways may need to be cleaned monthly, while other areas such as classrooms or offices may only need to be cleaned every 6 months. A good commercial carpet cleaner will be able to come up with a plan that is within your budget but also will maintain your carpet.  

So do you work or visit a commercial facility such as a library, office building, church, or restaurant and need a new commercial carpet cleaning plan in Birmingham, AL? If so call W&S Professional Carpet Cleaning @ 205-477-8257.