Best Way To Clean Auto Carpet – Birmingham, AL

Best Way To Clean Auto Carpet – Birmingham, AL

Many people wonder what is the best way to clean auto carpet in Birmingham, AL. The answer depends on how soiled your auto carpet is. Some auto upholstery and carpet can be cleaned at home using various types of cleaning methods. However, some are so soiled that a professional needs to be called. So how do you tell the difference between when you should do it yourself and when you should call a professional?

When to do it yourself

Ever spill a bag of potato chips in your car or step in your car after a walking on the beach? There are some times that a simple vacuuming will suffice when considering cleaning your auto carpet. Common stains such as soda can often be taken care of by a cloth rag and soap and water. Even a bad smell can be removed by vinegar or other odor neutralizers. Melted candy or chocolate can be removed with a little bit of time and effort. However, there are some instances when it may be time to call a professional to clean your auto carpet.

When to call a professional

How long has it been since you have shampooed your carpet? How many stains do you have on your carpet and upholstery? Most people have never actually cleaned their auto carpet or upholstery via shampoo or hot water extraction. Since we as humans constantly shed our skin, there is a large amount of dust and allergens largely comprised of our skin in our cars. It is easily seen on our dashboards, however, it is rarely visible in our auto carpet. For people with allergies, it is important to keep their cars clean to diminish the airborne allergens. The longer one goes without deep cleaning their carpet and cloth seats, the higher the risk for aggravated allergies. So when should you call a professional to clean your auto carpet? The answer is if you have multiple stains that have long gone un kept, or if you have allergies.


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