Carpet Cleaning Prices in Birmingham, AL

Carpet Cleaning Prices in Birmingham, AL

With spring cleaning approaching, many people are looking to get their carpet cleaned. Many factors such as allergies, safety and appearance drive people to get call their local professional carpet cleaner. Perhaps one of the most dreadful tasks is finding a good quality carpet cleaner for the best price. With some cleaners you my pay more money simply because of the big brand name. With other cleaners, you may get an extremely cheap price, but receive poor service. So how do you find that middle ground and find the best carpet cleaning prices in Birmingham, AL?


Ask the Right Questions

                It is important to ask the right questions when searching for the best carpet cleaner in Birmingham, Al. The first question should be concerning the type of equipment that will be used. There is a big difference between a truck mount unit, a portable unit and a spin bonnet method. If you are looking for deep cleaning via the hot water extraction method, you will want to make sure your cleaner has a truck mount unit. Another important question to ask is what room size their quote encompasses. Some carpet cleaners will quote potential customers based off of a typical room size. If your rooms are slightly bigger such as a living room or dining room, you may get charged more once the carpet cleaner arrives. The good carpet cleaners will make this clear on the front end, but it is always good to ask to be safe.


                References are the best way to find both good carpet cleaning prices in Birmingham, AL and good carpet cleaning companies. This can be accomplished by word of mouth and testimonial pages found on some company’s websites. However, the best way bar far seems to be Angies List. Since the customers on Angies List pay a fee to use their services, they are brutally honest about their experiences with companies they have used. Each company on Angies List is given a grade based on how their customers grade them. When talking to a professional carpet cleaning company, ask if they are on Angies List and ask what their grade is. If they say it is an A or B then ask for proof. If they are telling the truth, they will have no problem providing documentation.

So how can you find the best carpet cleaning prices in Birmingham, AL? Remember to ask to right questions and always find a reference.