Carpet Cleaning Services in Tuscaloosa, AL

Carpet Cleaning Services in Tuscaloosa, AL

Do you have a home or business that is in need of carpet cleaning services in Tuscaloosa, AL? If so this is the article for you. Some carpet cleaning companies can offer more services than simply carpet cleaning. If you have more services that you need done in your business or home, always check with your carpet cleaner first. By combing different services into one cleaning package, you should be able to save money. Whether you work out a deal on the front end or you wait till your carpet cleaner is already in your home, you should get a good deal. Some common services a good carpet cleaner will offer besides cleaning your carpet flooring may include upholstery cleaning or emergency water extraction. However, there are other services that many customers simply don’t think about.

Auto Carpet

                Carpet cleaners that utilize a truck mount unit should have the equipment to clean automotive carpet. Most customers do not think of this service and it is not heavily advertised by most cleaners but it is a service none the less. I mean think about it, when is the last time you have your automotive carpet deep cleaned. Some of the same allergens and stains that is found in the carpet flooring inside your home or business is found inside your car. Next time you get your carpet cleaned, ask if your cleaner can clean your car as well for a small discount.        

Tile and Grout Cleaning

                Not all carpet cleaners offer tile and grout cleaning, but some do. Both new and old homes have some type of tile in their bathrooms or kitchen. This tile and grout becomes dirty quickly, and depending on the color of the grout, it can be very evident. The same truck mount unit machine used to clean your carpet can be used to clean your tile and grout. Ask your carpet cleaner if a combo package can be put together and if you can receive a small discount as result.


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