Carpet Cleaning Tips for Homeowners - Birmingham, AL

Carpet Cleaning Tips for Homeowners - Birmingham, AL

Are you thinking about getting the carpet in your home cleaned? Maybe it is your first time or maybe you have had bad experiences in the past. Either way, it is good to have tips that will make your experience better. People get their carpet cleaned for many different reasons. Whether it’s holiday parties, pet stains, liquid stains or spring cleaning, your carpet should be cleaned at least once a year and every 6 months for traffic areas. However, before you pay a professional carpet cleaner to steam clean your carpet, use the following carpet cleaning tips if you are a homeowner in Birmingham, AL.

Stains & Trash

                Before you get your carpet professionally cleaned make it a point to pick up all of the large items off of the floor. Whether it is trash, toys, or clothing, it helps the cleaning technician tremendously and keeps you from getting charged extra if the technician has to do it. Also, if there are bad stains that need special attention, make sure to tell the technician before he or she gets started. The history of the stain can also prove to be invaluable. The type of stain can determine the best way to treat it. If you do not remember what caused the stain, don’t worry, an experienced carpet cleaner should be able to tell.

Additional Services

                If you are thinking of adding an additional room or piece of upholstery to your current services, it may be better to wait until the carpet cleaner gets to your house before you ask him or her about it. Typically, you have a much better chance of getting a good rate on additional services once the technician is there cleaning another part of your home. However, do not wait until the cleaner is done before you ask to add another cleaning service. If you do wait, your chances of a good rate not only goes down, but the carpet cleaner may also have another job right after yours and may not have time to set back up and clean the extra room or upholstery piece.

So if you are thinking of getting the carpet in your home professional cleaned in Birmingham, AL, refer back to these tips!