Choosing the Right Business Carpet in Birmingham, AL

Choosing the Right Business Carpet in Birmingham, AL

Are you the manager of an existing business that has carpet flooring? Maybe you are thinking about opening a new office and trying to figure out what type of carpet is best for your facility. Whatever the reason, it is important to do proper research and analysis when picking out business carpet. The type of carpet that is chosen should not be taken lightly as a bad choice could cost the owner tens of thousands of dollars. Thus, taking the time to ask yourself a few questions and doing a little research can prove to be invaluable over the life of the carpet. Profiling the facility and determining the locations for the carpet flooring are the top two questions that should be addressed.


Profiling the facility

                There are a few general questions that need to be asked in order to profile the facility. Things to consider include: what type of facility is it, what type of chemicals and dirt that might be tracked into the facility, is there a subfloor, and will there be any modular furniture used. All of these questions are important because it helps determine what grade of carpet should be used. There are certain types of carpet that are more stain resistant and durable. If the facility is an office building where there will be only foot traffic one grade of carpet can be used versus if the facility is a warehouse where heavy machinery or wheels may be rolled across it.  

Determine Location

                The location of the carpet is also a very important part of picking of business carpet. Will there be carpet flooring in high traffic areas? Will there be eating and drinking on the carpet? Will chairs frequently roll around on the carpet? Will there be moisture around or near the carpet? These are just a few questions in which the location really makes a difference. Whether the carpet is more stain resistant or less susceptible to pile crushing all play a factor in where the carpet is located.

So before you choose business carpet in Birmingham, AL be sure to do proper research. Also, be sure to get the best carpet cleaner in Birmingham, AL on board to maintain your carpet over its life span.