Commercial Carpet Cleaner – Birmingham, AL

Commercial Carpet Cleaner – Birmingham, AL

Is your place of business looking for a commercial carpet cleaner in Birmingham, AL? Many businesses have carpet throughout their buildings, but not all businesses take time to maintain their carpet. Before you take time and money to maintain your carpet, do your research. Ask yourself the following questions:

What type of carpet do I have?

What is the warranty on my carpet?

What are the conditions of my warranty?

Some manufactures will not warranty their commercial carpet products if it is not professionally deep cleaned every 12-18 months. However, businesses such as restaurants or office buildings may require more frequent cleaning to maintain their carpet. All these things are essential to learning how to maintain a commercial grade carpet. When installing new commercial carpet in a building, make sure to talk with the carpet manufacturer to ensure that the right type of carpet is being installed for the use of the space. Things such as the type of fiber and weave pattern play a big role in the durability of carpet. Even things such as the color of the carpet play a role in hiding stains and keeping it looking new and fresh. For example, in most restaurants, the biggest problem is tracking grease from the kitchen, onto the carpet. If left untreated, this can create a huge problem. Once grease starts to continuously get packed into the fibers of the carpet, it eventually hardens and becomes almost impossible to completely remove. Certain fibers are better for restaurant use, so ask ahead of time what those fibers are. A commercial carpet cleaner should be able to give good advice on maintenance for a business’s carpet depending on the amount of traffic it receives. Your place of business should always keep the best appearance. It is very evident when a business neglects its carpet. It is also very evident when an owner takes pride in his or her business and the carpet is kept looking clean and fresh.

So why not be that owner who takes pride in the appearance of his or her business and find a commercial carpet cleaner today in Birmingham, AL!



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