Commercial Carpet Cleaning – Cleaning Hotel Carpet in Birmingham, AL

Commercial Carpet Cleaning – Cleaning Hotel Carpet in Birmingham, AL

Have you ever walked in to a hotel and been disgusted by the condition of the carpet? It is common that the carpet in a hotel is extremely dirty. When you think about the amount of foot traffic a corridor in a hotel receives, it must make one wonder why there are not better measures in place to protect the carpet and keep it clean. The amount of carpet flooring in a hotel makes it one of the biggest investments the owner makes. As a result, a proper plan should be in place to properly maintain it. So how does commercial carpet cleaning in Birmingham, AL play a role in this maintenance? See the maintenance tips below for some reasons why.

Regular Vacuuming

                Vacuuming in a hotel is very important and often not neglected. However, while vacuuming may be a part of the regular routine when cleaning a room that was previously occupied, the corridors may often goes days without being vacuumed. In a high traffic area like a corridor, not vacuuming at least once a day can shorten the life of the carpet significantly.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

                A set carpet cleaning schedule is very important to maintaining the appearance and quality of hotel carpet. Steam cleaning with a powerful truck mount unit is preferred on the main level as it receives the most dirt and grime that gets tracked in from people coming from outside. On the higher levels, a commercial grade portable unit typically is used to obtain the best results. It is important to use the hot water extraction method to actually remove the dirt from the fibers. Also, scotch guard should be utilized as an added layer of protection from the large amount of dirt that gets tracked in.


So if you own or manage a hotel, do not underestimate the importance of commercial carpet cleaning in Birmingham, AL.