Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Tuscaloosa, AL

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Tuscaloosa, AL

Do you have a business in Tuscaloosa, AL that requires regular or occasional carpet cleaning? If the answer is yes and your business needs commercial carpet cleaning in Tuscaloosa, AL then this article is for you. Most all professional carpet cleaners clean commercial properties. Although, the commercial carpet is typically different from the carpet you find in homes, the equipment used to clean them is the same. However, different businesses may require different techniques depending on the type of building and the grade of the carpet. For example, a high rise office building requires portable carpet extractors while one or two story restaurants require truck mount units. So what commercial carpet cleaning in Tuscaloosa, AL do you require? See the categories below for some good tips on how to maintain your commercial carpet.


If you own a restaurant or if you are simply a manager looking to maintain your carpet the first thing that needs to be done is to set up a regular cleaning schedule. Work with your cleaner to determine the best cleaning schedule to meet your budget. Restaurants have arguably the hardest carpets to clean because of the oil and grease that gets tracked from the kitchen by the waiters and waitresses. Make sure your professional cleaner uses a powerful truck mount unit if possible. Other measures should be made to protect the common problem areas in a restaurant such as the transition area from the kitchen tile to the carpet. Put down rugs on the tile immediately before the transition to the carpet and on the carpet at the transition point. This will help eliminate or minimize the grease buildup at this point that plagues so many other restaurants.

Office Buildings or Commercial Stores

If you are looking for commercial carpet cleaning for an office building or commercial store such as a clothing store, the cleaning schedule needed is much different from a restaurant. Even though these commercial properties have high traffic, there are different types of soils that get tracked onto the carpet. For example, in an office building, most of the soils will get walked off the employees meet in the parking lot or in the first 15-20 feet of the building. However, stains may be more prevalent if the employees are able to eat in their cubicles or offices. The biggest problem in office buildings is the traffic areas as the carpet gets continuously trampled on and beaten down. Therefore, it is important to schedule regular cleanings for these area to refresh and pull the carpet fibers back into their original position

So if you are looking for commercial carpet cleaning in Tuscaloosa, AL talk to a professional and use the tips mentioned above to keep your business carpet reflecting the ideals you value as a company.