Commercial tile and Grout Cleaning - Hotels in Birmingham, Al

Commercial tile and Grout Cleaning - Hotels in Birmingham, Al

Have you ever noticed that in most every hotel, they have tile and grout flooring somewhere in the building. Typically you might see tile flooring in the hotel lobby or the dining area. However, you most always will see it in the public and hotel room bathrooms. As you might guess, at some point this tile and grout must be cleaned. However, it is not always cleaned in a timely manner. As a result, the grout typically turns black from the hotel staff simply mopping the tile to maintain it. There is really only one way to thoroughly clean tile and grout. Although there are many different chemicals that can be used to clean the tile and grout, a machine that utilizes high water pressure and a strong vacuum should be used. So what are some tips on cleaning commercial tile and grout in hotels in Birmingham, AL?


Proper Maintenance

                Proper maintenance should be done to keep the tile and grout in the best shape possible until its’ scheduled professional cleaning.  This can be done a number of ways. However, the most efficient way is to mop or clean the tile without utilizing a lot of water. This is because the dirty water will settle in the grout lines and discolor it.


Deep Cleaning and Grout Seal

                It is important to have a professional tile and grout cleaner to deep clean the tile and grout. The professional cleaner should utilize very hot water and a minimum pressure of 1200 psi. A vacuum should also be attached to the cleaning device to remove the dirty water from the tile and grout immediately. A stiff brush should be used to scrub the grout and break up dirt that has settled in it over time. Once the grout is thoroughly deep cleaned, it is always a good idea to get the grout sealed to protect it from future dirt and grime. This seal will protect the grout until the next cleaning.


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