Hotel Carpet – Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Hoover, AL

Hotel Carpet – Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Hoover, AL

Have you ever walked into a hotel and noticed that the carpet was dirty? Where did you notice it? Was it in the lobby or the conference room? Perhaps it was in the corridor or your actual room. Regardless of where you noticed it, the fact that you did notice it is a pretty big deal. How did the dirty carpet affect your perception of the hotel establishment? One of the most important things that keeps a person coming back to a hotel is cleanliness and comfort. With several hundreds of people potentially staying in the room before you, if you don’t believe the hotel cares about cleanliness, it is very likely that you will not feel comfortable staying there. Therefore, hotel carpet cleaning in Hoover, AL is very important.


Type of Hotel Carpet Cleaning

                It is important that the carpet is deep cleaned via the hot water extraction method. This is important because there are other methods of carpet cleaning where the dirty water is not extracted. These surface cleaning methods are not ideal as the soils will continue to get embedded in the carpet fibers. The heavy traffic areas on the first floor of the hotel should be cleaned with a powerful truck mount unit. The upper floors of the hotel may have to be cleaned with a powerful portable unit to ensure a very thorough cleaning.


Frequency of Hotel Carpet Cleaning

                The frequency of hotel carpet cleaning can vary. It is important that the hotel establishes a set cleaning schedule with a professional carpet cleaning company. There should be certain maintenance cleaning set for high traffic areas. However, typically, a hotel should have all of its’ carpet cleaned at least twice a year.


So if you work at or help manage a hotel, make sure the carpet isn’t getting neglected because it can really effect a customer’s perception. So make sure you contact the best carpet cleaning company in Hoover, Al for a consultation and deep cleaning.