How to Eliminate the Carpet Beetle in Tuscaloosa, AL

How to Eliminate the Carpet Beetle in Tuscaloosa, AL

Do you have carpet beetles in your home or business? Do you even know what a carpet beetle is? Most people might not realize a carpet beetle when they see one. It is not until you see your clothes and carpet half eaten till you realize you might have been infested. So what exactly is a carpet beetle? In a simple definition, it is a 3mm long beetle that feeds on cloth and carpet. So how does one eliminate the carpet beetle in Tuscaloosa, AL?

Identify the Problem

                The first step to eliminating any problem is by first identifying it. Do a little research and verify that you indeed have carpet beetles. Compare pictures and symptoms of the carpet beetle and start the process of getting rid of them.

Vacuum Frequently

                One of the first steps of getting rid of carpet beetles is to vacuum. It is important to vacuum the entire carpet to ensure there are no hidden beetles lurking around. In areas where there are a high concentration of shed skin or fecal pellets, be sure to vacuum even more frequently. Vacuum at least two to three times a day for the first few days after you first discover the carpet beetles. Continue to vacuum daily until they are eliminated completely.

Professional Deep Cleaning

                One of the best ways to kill carpet beetles is with hot water and soap. Therefore, a professional deep carpet cleaning is a great way to protect your carpet investment by killing the carpet beetle. In addition to killing them, you also get fresh clean carpet. However, it is important to throw away any clothes or fabric that has been eaten away by carpet beetles to ensure none are left in the house. The upholstery must also be steam cleaned to be sure to kill any that may be feeding on that fabric as well. Be sure to make the professional carpet cleaner aware of the carpet beetle problem so that they can set the water temperature accordingly.

If all else fails, call a professional exterminator the spray both the inside and outside of the home to ensure they are all eliminated. So do you need to eliminate the carpet beetle in Tuscaloosa, AL? If so, call W&S Professional Carpet Cleaning today to help protect your carpet investment.