Importance of Carpet Padding in Birmingham, AL

Importance of Carpet Padding in Birmingham, AL

Have you ever heard the saying “out of sight, out of mind?” In a lot of cases this proves to be true. However, in some cases this can be a costly mistake. In the case of carpet padding, out of sight should not equal out of mind. Picking the carpet padding is just as important as picking the carpet itself. This is true for a number of reasons. The surprising thing is, most people do not realize this. Most people think that any cheap carpet padding will get the job done. However, the quality and type of carpet padding not only effects the comfort of the carpet but the durability as well. So what is the importance of carpet padding in Birmingham, AL?


Comfort is probably the most obvious and perhaps the most important reason choosing the right carpet padding is important. The thickness of the carpet padding directly effects how the carpet feels when walking on it. Personal comfort should be a high priority when choosing carpet padding.


Certain levels of thickness should be used in different areas of the house. You should always question the sales representative or call the manufacturer to get recommendations on which carpet padding type should be used in which room. For example, thick cushions can be used in a bedroom or living room, but a firmer carpet pad should be used in a hallway. If a thicker carpet padding is used in a high traffic area, you will quickly tell it will not hold up long to the wear and tear.

Energy Saver & Sound Blanket

Carpet padding in Birmingham, AL also acts as an insulator which can be a big energy saver. If your house has more than one level. A higher grade carpet padding should be used on the upper floors to act as an insulator and sound blanket to the floor below. The insulation will have a big financial impact over the life of the carpet because it will take less energy to heat and cool the home or business.

So always contact your carpet manufacturer before you put new carpet down and make sure you are choosing the right carpet padding in Birmingham, AL