Importance of Maintenance on ABC Carpet in Birmingham, AL

Importance of Maintenance on ABC Carpet in Birmingham, AL

Have you ever wondered whether or not it was really necessary to vacuum your carpet? Have you ever been guilty of waiting two or more years before deep cleaning your carpet? If so, you are not alone. Many people are guilty of neglecting floor maintenance for various reasons. In different facilities, what is known as “skip cleaning” has become a popular move to cut down operating costs. The problem with that approach is that it may be a short term solution, but over time, it will cost more. So why should ABC carpet maintenance be made a priority in Birmingham, AL?


Lack of maintenance ruins carpet

A car engine will fail if the oil isn’t changed regularly. The same thing applies to carpet. When your carpet isn’t vacuumed regularly the life of the carpet is significantly cut short. Studies have shown that clean carpet lasts a lot longer than dirty carpet. The carpet piles tell the real story. Certain types of carpet doesn’t show the dirt and grit right away. Therefore, it gives the false impression that the carpet is clean. However, over time, as the dirt and grit builds up, it gets harder to remove. Without a regular deep cleaning via hot water extraction, you may not only lose your warranty, but the condition of your carpet will get to be unbearable.

Saving Money and the Environment

There tends to be 3 main reasons why people spend money to get new carpet flooring.

  1. The carpet gets worn down
    1. What if I was to tell you that if you vacuumed your carpet daily, and had it deep cleaned every 6-12 months, it could prolong the average carpet life by 5 years. Do some research on the life of clean carpet versus dirty carpet. Vacuuming refreshes the carpet piles and keeps it from getting so beat down that it no longer looks attractive. 
  2. Too many stains & spots
    1. If not treated immediately, spots and stains can be extremely hard to remove. However, if your carpet has a scheduled maintenance plan, your professional carpet cleaner should be able to remove those stains bringing your carpet back to life each time.
  3. A new look is desired.
    1. When you decide that you want a new look and you are ready to throw your old carpet away, how soiled your carpet is can affect the environment. If your carpet has been well kept over the years, when it is recycled it will have a positive impact on the environment. On the other hand, if it is heavily soiled with dirt and grit, it will not.

So remember maintenance on ABC carpet in Birmingham, AL is important. If you have been neglecting your carpet, call W&S Professional Carpet Cleaning @ 205-477-8257 to get back on track!