Maintenance of Masland Carpet in Birmingham, AL

Maintenance of Masland Carpet in Birmingham, AL

Have you recently purchased Masland carpet for your home or office? Known widely for it stain resistant features, Masland carpet has become a very popular choice in today’s market. However, even with stain resistant features, it is important to note that preventive maintenance must still be done to maintain the carpets’ integrity. The warranty of Masland Carpet clearly states that certain levels of maintenance and care must be done to maintain the warranty. It is important to read the carpet maintenance and care specified by Masland in order to not void the warranty. So what kind of maintenance and care should be taken with Masland carpet in Birmingham, AL?

Preventive Maintenance

                About 80% of loose soil is tracked onto carpet by the soles of our shoes. Most of the soil is shaken off in the first 15 feet of the home. Walk off mats are highly recommended to prevent the buildup of soils in your carpet. While walk off mats outside your door act as the first line of defense, vacuuming acts as your send line of defense. Medium to high level traffic areas should be vacuumed daily while low traffic areas should be vacuumed weekly. Five to seven passes with the vacuum cleaner should be made in high traffic areas to ensure the soil is getting pulled up from the bottom of the carpet piles. Once soil gets embedded into the carpet fibers and is not removed in a timely fashion it gets extremely hard to remove with just a vacuum cleaner.

Professional Care

                The final step to keeping your carpet looking fresh for many years is to have it cleaned regularly by a professional carpet cleaner. The warranty of Masland carpet requires that their carpet be cleaned via hot water extraction method or “steam cleaning” in order to keep it valid. Most carpet manufacturers require it to be done every 12-18 months. However, if the correct preventive maintenance in not done, this time period should be shortened to every 6-12 months.

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