New Trend of Carpet Tiles in Hoover, AL

New Trend of Carpet Tiles in Hoover, AL

Have you ever thought about putting carpet tiles in your home or apartment? Historically Carpet tiles in Hoover, AL are usually found in office buildings, schools, airports or other commercial buildings. However, a new trend is starting in newer homes and apartments that have hardwood flooring throughout. Since most new homes today utilize hardwood flooring, in order to get the soft comfortable feel of carpet, an area rug has to be purchased. However, what if you have a large area you would like to decorate with vibrant colors. Carpet tiles may be your answer as they are a great way to decorate a home. So what are some other benefits to using carpet tiles in Hoover, AL?

Easy Clean Up

Have you ever spilled a drink on an area rug and had to rush and try to clean it up before it ruined the appearance of the rug? Do you have a rug that currently gets stains or heavily soiled because of the foot traffic? One benefit of carpet tiles is that they can be easily replaced. You can simply take out the carpet tile that is stained and wash it later instead of having to get an entire area rug cleaned for a few stains.

Easy Installation

Carpet tiles are much easier to install than regular carpet. You do not have to worry about tons of adhesive to glue to carpet down to the floor. Simply sticky dots are used on the bottom of the tiles to adhere them to the floor. Therefore, you do not mess up your hardwood floors.


Carpet tiles come on all different colors and patterns. The best thing is you can arrange them yourself. The owner is able to mix and match tiles to his or her desire creating a colorful artistic look to the space. So if you fancy yourself an artist or interior designer, carpet tiles may just be what you need to show off your skills.


Just like with any carpet, it must be cleaned to be maintained. So when looking at carpet tiles in Hoover, AL, remember to call W&S Professional Carpet Cleaning to set up a maintenance schedule of deep cleaning.