Picking the Right Empire Carpet in Birmingham, AL

Picking the Right Empire Carpet in Birmingham, AL

There are many types of empire carpet on the market today. So how does one choose? There are many different colors and textures, lengths of fibers and price ranges to consider when choosing a carpet for your home or business. It can get kind of confusing and just down right frustrating. The key is to not only pick the right style for your home or business but the pick the right carpet for you. While you might have a color and texture picked, there are some other hidden factors you should consider before you purchase your empire carpet in Birmingham, AL


Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) is an important factor to consider when choosing carpet. The lower the VOC, the better. A high VOC means that the material releases a high concentration of harmful chemicals. Although, you may never smell or notice, these chemical compounds can be harmful over time. Since it is so good for the environment, most new empire carpets will have a low VOC. However, to be safe, ask your sales rep to see the Green Label Plus program when shopping around.

Carpet Padding

Carpet padding is extremely important when picking new carpet. The better the padding, the softer and more durable your carpet will be. So be careful not to skim on the carpet padding, your feet will thank you one day. The VOC content is also important in carpet padding so make sure to question the sales rep about it also.

Carpet Warranty

Carpet warranties can be long and full of information that you don’t care to know about. However, they are important to picking the right empire carpet in Birmingham, AL. It not only tells you how to maintain your carpet, it also tells you things that will void your warranty. For example, most warranties will be voided if the carpet is not deep cleaned via hot water extraction ever 12-18 months. So read over your warranty and ask questions. Last but not least, always get your carpet professionally cleaned at least once a year.

So when you are looking for empire carpet in Birmingham, AL, be sure to keep these tips in mind.