Restaurant Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Birmingham, AL

Restaurant Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Birmingham, AL


Do you own or work at a restaurant in Birmingham, AL that has carpet flooring? If so, it is important for you to be educated on the importance of having a regular maintenance schedule with a professional carpet cleaner. However, not with just any carpet cleaner, but one who looks out for you and your budget and not one who is simply trying to make a quick buck. Some of the larger well known carpet cleaners have technicians that are not invested in the company and simply do not care to educate you on how you can save money and preserve your carpet. There are some carpet cleaners who will charge you what they think you will pay, do a half job, and hope you will call back because of the cheap price. Do not be fooled by these companies. A good professional carpet cleaner will work with you and your budget and give you options on how to maintain your carpet over its’ life span. Restaurant carpet takes perhaps the worst beating out of all commercial carpet because of the foot traffic and the grease from the kitchen. This means that if not properly managed, the carpet may have to be replaced in almost half its original projected life span. So what are some tips on how to get good restaurant commercial carpet cleaning in Birmingham, AL?

Ask the right questions

                The first step to choosing a good professional carpet cleaner is to ask the right questions. Questions such as: “What type of equipment do you have?” “Do you have a preferred maintenance plan?” “How long have you been in business?” “Can you give me a list of references from commercial clients?”

                These types of questions are important when choosing the best commercial carpet cleaner in Birmingham, AL. A truck mount unit should always be desired along with the hot water extraction method or “steam cleaning”. Being able to provide a list of commercial references is always a question that should be asked. Preferably of other restaurants that the company provides services for. A maintenance plan is very important.  A good carpet cleaner may give you a standard plan over the phone but should want to come look at your carpet to give you a more accurate plan that will save you money in the long run.

So if you are looking for the best restaurant commercial carpet cleaning in Birmingham, AL call W&S Professional Carpet Cleaning @ 205-477-8257.