The Best Carpet Stain Remover in Birmingham, AL

The Best Carpet Stain Remover in Birmingham, AL

As spring approaches, many people get into their ‘Spring Cleaning” mode. Flowers are blooming and homeowners start their annual yard projects after being stuck inside all winter. Inside the home, attics and garages are cleaned out. New kitchen projects and other remodeling adventures begin. However, one of the more frustrating tasks can be trying to remove the carpet stains that act as an eye sore to your home. This can be an intimidating task. Different types of stains require different homemade solutions. There are many off the shelf stain removers that act effectively in removing those tough stains. However, sometimes it is better to try removing the stain oneself before running to the store. So see the tips below on how to obtain the best carpet stain remover in Birmingham, AL.


For Water Soluble Stains

                Water soluble stains such as colas, berries, excrement, ice cream, jelly, and latex paint can be removed by a simple home formula. This formula consists of ¼ white vinegar and 32 ounces of water. Vinegar is a power, cheap stain removing tool that can be used on a wide variety of stains. So next time you spill a can of beer or a child knocks over a bowl of ice cream, mix up this solution and give it a try. However, remember to always blot the stain first and get it as dry as possible. Then take a white cloth rag and work from the outside in when using any stain removing solution.


Tough Water Soluble Stains

                For those tougher water soluble, stains a stronger solution may be used. This solution comprises of 1-2 tablespoons of ammonia mixed with 1 cup of water. This solution should be used on stains such as wine, vomit, coffee, and chocolate. It is important to remember to never use this solution on wool carpet or rugs. It is good practice to always try any stain remover first in an inconspicuous area to observe how it reacts to your carpet. You should also check with your manufacturer to make sure there are not any other special precautions that should be taken when using stain removers.


Remember, the best stain remover is a professional. So do not be afraid to call a professional carpet cleaner and use that company as the best carpet stain remover in Birmingham, AL.