When Should You Clean Your Carpet in Birmingham, AL?

When Should You Clean Your Carpet in Birmingham, AL?

When should you clean your carpet in Birmingham, AL is a common question asked by many homeowners. The answer is easy..All year round! There are many reasons why business and home owners should get their carpet cleaned professionally all year round. However, I will only highlight a few in this article.

  1. Your skin is constantly shedding all year round and creating dust in your home or business. Depending on the amount of people you have in your home, the amount of residue that is created by your skin can be substantial. In a place of business such as a restaurant or office building, the dust is greatly multiplied and the time it takes for it to build up is accelerated. This may sound disturbing but a lot of the dirt and oil that gets embedded in the fibers of your carpet comes from you.


  1. It helps to relieve allergies during the spring and summer months. Dust mites, mold, cockroaches, and domestic pets all contribute to allergies within a home or business. It is important to realize that your carpet acts like a filter that traps dust, dirt, and residue. This filter keeps those particles from being released back into to air. Studies have shown that rooms with carpet have less particles causing allergy in the air than rooms with hard flooring. It is important keep your carpet cleaned because when your carpet stays clean and fluffy, the normal dust and dirt tends to stay at the top of the fibers which allows for easy removal by a regular vacuum cleaning.


  1. It helps to keep stains and spots in your carpet from becoming un-removable. Everyone has spots or stains somewhere in their carpet. Whether it’s a red wine that was spilled during dinner or an oil spot caused by dirty shoes, everyone has them. However, the longer it stays in your carpet, it harder it becomes to remove. By having your carpet cleaned at least twice a year you can greatly diminish the chance of having stains in your carpet forever.

So when should you get your carpet cleaned in Birmingham, AL? All Year Long!

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