Why Try Green Carpet Cleaning in Tuscaloosa, AL

Why Try Green Carpet Cleaning in Tuscaloosa, AL

Have you ever heard that carpet was not a healthy flooring choice in regards to your health? There is a misconception that hard flooring is easier to clean, maintain, and is better for your allergies when compared to carpet. However, it has been proven that this just isn’t the case. Studies have shown that carpet can actually be better for your allergies and when compared with hard flooring, the room with carpet flooring has significantly less allergens suspended in the air. There is a new movement for green carpet cleaning. As the world becomes more aware of the environment and the need for us as humans to protect it, the more “green” things will become.  So what are some health benefits to carpet? Why is green carpet cleaning in Tuscaloosa, AL so important? See the information below to better understand the green movement.

Indoor Air Quality

                Indoor air quality is an important topic to discuss. Every home or space has a certain air quality. Things as common as paint emit a certain chemical that affects the air quality. This is especially important in the winter when we spend more time indoors. Today, new carpet can easily be the best flooring choice when considering air quality. It is considered to be the lowest emitting flooring choice in the industry. So ask your local flooring representative how you can improve your indoor air quality with new low emitting carpet.

Air Filter

                Besides the air filters that are comprised in your air vents, your carpet is considered perhaps the biggest air filter in your home. All of the pollen and dust mite remains get trapped inside your carpet fibers therefore keeping them out of the air where they can trigger allergies. This feature of carpet is very important. So not only is carpet good for your indoor air quality, it is also important for people with allergies. Therefore to keep these healthy features, green carpet cleaning in Tuscaloosa, Al is a good choice. Green carpet cleaning utilizes safe chemicals that are not harmful to the environment and maintains a good indoor air quality.

So if you are looking for green carpet cleaning in Tuscaloosa, AL you are making a great decision for your health.