Why Use Carpet Runners in Your Home – Hoover, AL

Why Use Carpet Runners in Your Home – Hoover, AL

Carpet runners are often an underutilized option in many homes. With hardwood flooring becoming more popular, the use of area rugs are increasing. Nobody likes to get out of bed and step onto a cold hard floor. Some people choose to go with hardwood flooring for the look or to increase the home value. Nobody chooses hardwood flooring because it feels better than carpet on their feet. One type of unique area rugs are carpet runners. So what are some reasons to use them in your home?

Feeling of Comfort

                Area rugs can come in all sort of shapes and sizes. Carpet runners, however, are long and rectangular. One perfect spot for a carpet runner is right beside the bed. The length of a carpet runner should span the length of your bed, therefore, no matter where you step out of bed, your feet will always be pleased. It is recommended to buy carpet runners with fluffy or thick fibers if it is to be placed in this spot.

Make a Space More Interesting

                Have you ever seen a carpet runner in a kitchen in front of the sink or in a large walk in closet? Colorful runners can not only add comfort to your floors, it can also add style. If you do decide to go with a runner in the long narrow space in front of your sink, opt for one with a low profile or short fibers in order to allow for easy vacuuming. If in a closet, compliment the runner with a bench to add even more style.

As with any rug, it must be professionally cleaned at some point. So if you decide to use carpet runners in your home in Hoover, AL, make sure to call your local professional carpet cleaner.