Why to Get Scotchguard with Your Next Capet Cleaning

Why to Get Scotchguard with Your Next Capet Cleaning

Do you have old dirty carpet that needs to be cleaned? Perhaps you have new carpet that you are trying to protect. Maybe you are hosting a party in which you anticipate a few spills. No matter the reason for your carpet cleaning, there are several reasons why you should consider getting your carpet scotchguarded after your professional carpet cleaning. Although this will be an additional cost, it will be worth it. So if you are wondering whether or not you should get scotchguard applied to your carpet in Birmingham, AL, keep reading.

What is Scotchguard?

                To put it simply, scotchguard is a chemical solution that helps protect the surface of certain materials from getting penetrated by liquids and solids. It serves as an outer coating so that dirt and stains do not penetrate your carpet fibers and are therefore, makes it easier to clean. It is commonly used on carpet and upholstery. It is typically sprayed on and needs time to dry. A professional carpet cleaner will most likely apply it using a pump up sprayer or a hydro force sprayer.

When and Why to Apply It

                Scotchguard should be applied after a professional cleaning. Once cleaned, it should be sprayed down and allowed to dry along with the carpet. If you have a family with kids or have occasional spills that stain your carpet for long periods of time, it is a good idea to have your carpet scotchguarded. Also, if you have new carpet or light colored carpet, scotchguard is a good idea. It is always worth it protect an investment, especially carpet. A well-kept and frequently cleaned carpet can last 10-15 years while a poorly kept carpet can be ruined in 2-5 years.


So protect your investment and give yourself a peace of mind by getting scotchguard with your next carpet cleaning in Birmingham, AL