Why to Professionally Clean Your Carpet Flooring in Birmingham, AL

Why to Professionally Clean Your Carpet Flooring in Birmingham, AL

There are many reasons to have your area rugs or carpet flooring in Birmingham, AL professionally cleaned. However, only a few reasons will be covered in this article. Before one decides to get their carpet cleaned, it is important to choose the right type of carpet cleaning. There are different levels of service when considering professional carpet cleaning. The cheapest method would be a type of Spin Bonnet method where a buffer with a carpet brush removes the dirt from the surface of the carpet fibers. The problem with this method is that it simply pushes the dirt deeper into the carpet. This means that although the carpet appears clean on the outside, beneath the surface, it is still as dirty as before. The hot water extraction method also known as “steam cleaning” is the best method when choosing to have your carpet flooring professionally cleaned. This method uses high pressure water and vacuum hoses to blast out dirt from the root of the fibers and then sucks it up, removing it from your home. So now that you know the most popular methods of carpet cleaning, lets discuss why it is important to have your carpet flooring professionally cleaned.


                Perhaps the most obvious reason people decide to get their carpet cleaned is appearance. Nobody wants to have carpet that looks dirty even if it isn’t that dirty. In some types of carpet it is easy to tell if the carpet is dirty. Light colors or short length carpets show dirt and stain the best. On the other hand, carpet with longer length fibers or darker color fibers hide dirt more easily. It is important regardless of the appearance of the carpet to get it cleaned every 12 months.


                Everybody wants to protect their investment. For most people, their house will become their most important and expensive investment. A big part of the house is the carpet. The more effort made in keeping the carpet clean, the longer the carpet will last. The longer the carpet lasts, the more return one makes on their carpet investment.


                Safety should be the number one reason that anyone should get their carpet cleaned. There are millions of allergens that make their way into our carpet. While these allergens may seem harmless trapped underneath the fibers, eventually they will make their way into the atmosphere of your home which can trigger allergies. Also, small children who play on the floor will be subjected to these potentially harmful bacteria on a daily basis.

Whatever your reason for getting your carpet flooring professionally cleaned in Birmingham, AL, make sure you find the best carpet cleaner in your area.


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